Longarm Quilting Service Information


I charge $.02 per square inch for all Edge to Edge digital quilting. For example if a quilt is 62×75 this is how to estimate the cost (62×75 = 4,650 x 0.02 = $93)  I have a minimum charge of $40. 


I carry Winline 100% cotton and 80/20 cotton poly blend by the roll. I can also order any other kind of batting from Winline Textiles or Quilters Dream upon request. Batting is a separate charge from quilting. Please feel free to supply your own batting if you would like. 

100% Cotton- $10/yard

80/20 Cotton Poly Blend- $9/yard


I use Glide 40wt, 50wt, and 60wt threads.

Quilting Designs:

Do you have a quilting design that you love? Great! All commercially accessible digital pantographs are available. If you need help deciding on a quilting design I would be happy to offer suggestions on what I think will look amazing on your quilt. Here are some designs I already have that you can choose from.


If you are not local, shipping to and from my studio is also a separate cost. I will return your quilt using the most inexpensive option (flat rate or priority). There is a $50 insurance with the shipping, but if you would like to purchase more insurance please let me know.  Preparing Your Quilt:

Please make sure your quilt top is squared, your seams are pressed, and any loose threads are trimmed. Your backing should be at least 8″ longer and wider than your quilt top. For example if your quilt is 62×75 your backing should be at least 70×83. Please square your backing as well. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at crinklyquilts@gmail.com